Bankruptcy Checklist of Required Documents

If you file a bankruptcy with me, you will need to provide all of the following documents that apply to your unique situation.

1.      Your completed Bankruptcy Questionnaire (we will provide this at your first consultation).
2.      Your authorization for us to obtain your credit reports.
3.      Driver’s license and social security card (or similar proof of identification) – you will need to have the originals with you during your 341 hearing.
4.      Copy of most recent statement for all of your bills.  This includes credit cards, medical and other bills.  
5.      Statements for past 6 months for all financial accounts your name is on, i.e. banking, savings, 401(k), IRA, including anyone’s account with your name on it.
6.      Copies of pay stubs for the 6 months prior to filing.
7.      Proof of any other income such as proceeds from sale of vehicle, furniture, or other property, gambling winnings, 401k distributions, etc. in the last 6 months.
8.      If you own a business or have owned; business income broken down into monthly income and monthly expenses for the 6 months prior to filing. 
9.      Copies of your Federal and State tax returns, including schedules, for the last two years if filing Ch. 7, or four years if filing Ch. 13.
10.   For each piece of real estate you own (i.e. residence, rental property, land, condos, timeshares) we need a copy of the recorded deed and deed of trust (aka, mortgage) and promissory note. These are usually part of your closing papers you received when you bought the home or refinanced it.
11.     If you own have insurance for your real estate, we need a copy of the declaration page of the insurance policy.
12.   Copies of all titles or to all vehicles boats, motors, trailers, or other titled property you currently own, and financing or leasing contracts if you still owe money on the vehicle.
13.   Copy of life insurance policies ONLY if you have something other than term life (if you aren’t sure, bring us your policy and we will figure out what you have).
14.   If you sold, gifted or otherwise transferred a car, motorcycle, boat, plane, car, house, etc.   in the past 5 years, we need some documentation of the sale (bill of sale, settlement statement, etc.) and we will need contact information for the purchaser / recipient.
15.   If you are/were involved in a lawsuit within last three years, a copy of the lawsuit pleadings, orders, and judgment(s). We may be able to help you get this if you don’t have it.  If you are sued (receive a summons) prior to or after your filing, notify us immediately.
16.   If applicable, Divorce Judgment / Decree, and Maintenance / Alimony or Child Support Order—if paying Child Support, name and address of parent receiving support.