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CLE Presentations given by Terry Lawson


Is Tech Ethics? – Clay County Bar CLE given on 6-16-2017

Is Tech Ethics? – Platte County Bar CLE given on 5-5-2017

Recovering Costs and Attorney’s Fees Defending Debt Collection Cases –MoBar CLE at Independence on 4-21-2017                           



The Elephant in the Room: The Trillion Dollar Student Loan Crisis and How Lawyers Can Help Solve It – given at Solo and Small Firm Conference 2016

What Makes a Square Deal? The Ethics of Settlement – given to Platte County Bar Association on 5-20-16



Hiding in Plain Sight: How to Spot Consumer Issue in Your Daily Practice – at SASF 2015

Lights! Camera! Objection! How the wrong deposition objections could make YOU a movie star – Platte County Bar Association on April 17, 2015



Introduction to Bitcoin – 10-3-14 Clay County Bar Assoc.  PDF

Student Loan Seminar – 4-21-14 KCMBA   PDF




Lawyer Resources

Table of Civil Procedure RULES – Missouri and Kansas and Federal – courtesy of Lawson Law Center

This table is brief overview of the rules and deadlines of civil procedure and for the federal courts as well as Missouri and Kansas and accompanying links. This is not intended to be the final word on the subject, but merely to serve as a quick second hand source for common civil procedure deadlines.

DISCLAIMER: This chart is intended for quick reference only and not intended to be a definitive source. THIS CHART IS NOT OFFICIAL AND SHOULD NOT BE TREATED AS SUCH. Always look up rules on your own to confirm accuracy. ALWAYS check local rules. Rules of civil procedure are subject to change which may or may not be reflected in this chart. We are not responsible for any consequences that may arise from use of this chart. This is not intended to serve as legal advice or create an attorney client relationship. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Prof. Lynn LoPucki Bankruptcy Visuals Flowcharts for Ch. 7, 13 and 11

Prof. LoPucki’s visuals are the BEST thing I have ever seen for mapping out the bankruptcy process.  Perfect for taking a big picture view of cases and thinking about details you migh have overlooked in any case.  I bought two hardcopies of each to keep in my office.




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As Consumer Lawyers, We Do Many Types of Cases That Other Lawyers Won’t Touch – Maybe you practice in Family Law, Bankruptcy, Worker’s Compensation, SS Disability, Torts/Negligence, or Estate Planning.  If you do, there is a good chance that some of what we do could help your clients, and you may not even know it.

Domestic / Family Law: Have you considered how your client’s divorce would be helped or hindered if  they or the opposing spouse (or both) filed a bankruptcy before or during their divorce?  When huge debt is a problem for both parties, a bankruptcy plan and a way to deal with debt collectors becomes all the more important.

SS Disability Law: We know your clients are often deep in debt, with no way out until they receive their social security benefits.  Bankruptcy or debt collection claims may be good ways to  stop overzealous collectors from harassing your clients.

Torts / Negligence:  Clients that may need a way to handle their mounting debts are sometimes the more difficult cases to manage.  Maybe analyzing the benefits and risks of a bankruptcy or debt collection claim would help your client deal with mounting debts now, while waiting for the settlement or judgment on a case later.  Even when bankruptcy is not appropriate, knowing the lay of the land is always a good idea.

General Practitioners / Family / Disability / Bankruptcy / etc. : Have you ever had to turn away a client with a student loan crisis because you didn’t know how to handle it?  We probably could provide much needed advice about handling student loan debts.