Are we the right lawyers for you? Here’s what we love to do the most:

  • Help student loan borrowers understand & manage their student loan debt

  • Sue debt collectors and others who break consumer protection laws

  • Protect Consumers from businesses who cheat

  • Defend debtors from debt lawsuits, debt collector harassment, and inaccurate credit reports

  • Assist Consumers filing bankruptcy under Ch. 7 or Ch. 13, especially those with serious student loan problems

  • Fight for compensation for victims who are seriously injured by others



At Lawson Law Center, we focus our practice on what we believe are the most common and difficult problems that people face. This includes:

  • Student Loan Law: helping borrowers and their families understand and navigate their student loan debt, defending student loan lawsuits, and using all available tools to ease the student loan debt burden;
  • Debt Collection Harassment and other violations by debt collectors: FDCPA violations and debt collection harassment: Fighting debt collectors that break the laws prohibiting unfair debt collection practices;
  • Debt Defense: Fighting for consumers against credit card lawsuits and debt buyer lawsuits on old debt, especially those debts that are inaccurate or poorly supported by proof.
  • Bankruptcy: Getting clients a fresh start and relief from their debt by using consumer bankruptcy, both Ch 7. and Ch. 13;
  • Consumer Protection: Suing companies who cheat consumers or refuse to follow consumer protection laws;
  • Personal Injury:  /Motorcycle, Truck and Auto Accidents / Slip and Fall / Dog Bite / Assisting those who have been seriously injured through the fault of another.

Why do we focus in the areas? Because the government, insurance companies, big corporations, banks, and debt collectors all have plenty of help getting their way.  We think it’s high time that you have the help you deserve too.

-Terry L. Lawson, Jr., founder

Serving the Kansas City Metro and Beyond

Lawson Law Center handles cases in both Federal and State Courts, primarily in the  Kansas City, Missouri area. We frequently practice in U.S. Western District of Missouri, and Clay County Circuit Court, Platte County Circuit Court, and Jackson County Circuit Court in Missouri.

The attorneys are licensed in Kansas too. We occasionally serve clients in U.S. District Court in Kansas and state courts in Johnson County District Courts and Wyandotte County District Court.

For certain cases, I am willing to represent clients in other parts of Missouri or Kansas.  For worthwhile cases, I will be glad to teleconference with you or meet you in your hometown if you can’t come to Kansas City.